Carrom - the Fun Game for the Family.

Itís exciting.Itís fun.It involves everyone.Anybody above the age of 3 can try his hand at Carrom Board.It does not matter whether youíre young or old or what you are doing in life.In fact people play Carrom Boards at lunch hour in their office.And of course at home itís even more fun.Especially on days when itís raining or snowing or it is very hot outdoor.Slowly but surely Carrom Board will be your favourite game.

Co-Operative Sports Industries or CSI is the Oldest carrom board manufacturing unit in India, perhaps in the world. From 1947 to till date, Co- Operative Sports Industries or CSI has travelled a long way and today it has become one of the countryís leading manufacturer of carrom boards, carrom accessories and many other sports products.

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